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            Oregon athletic officials Association

The Oregon Athletic Officials Association (OAOA) is an association of high school officials and associations whose mission is to promote and advance officiating in Oregon. Its primary functions are to:

1. Develop and coordinate statewide training programs to advance:

“One Rule, One Mechanic, One Interpretation”

2. Manage the Officials Certification and Education Program (OCEP).

3. Represent officials and associations to the OSAA, Oregon Athletic Directors Association (OADA) and the Oregon Athletic Coaches Association (OACA).

4. Provide opportunities for officials and association to be recognized for their achievements.

OAOA Governance

The OAOA is governed by an Executive Board consisting of seven elected commissioners and seven regional representatives. Its activities are managed by an Executive Director and Associate Executive Director selected by the Board.

There are seven OAOA Sport Committees consisting of representatives from each local association. These committees manage OAOA activities in their respective sport.

Oregon Schools Activities Association

Click here for OSAA Officials Information

The Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA) is the governing body of high school athletics in Oregon. It is an association of over 289 high schools throughout the state.

Its organizational structure consists of the Delegate Assembly (43 superintendants and principals) and the Executive Board (13 members including an OAOA representative).

All rules, regulations, policies and matters relating to officiating are established by the OSAA.

OSAA is responsible for:
  1. Certifying officials and chartering local associations.
  2. Establishing officiating fees (game fees, commissioners fees, check writing fees, etc.)
  3. Providing rule books and annual written examinations.
  4. Providing accident and liability insurance through the NFHS.
  5. Assigning associations to provide post-season officials.
  6. The Athletic Officials Handbook (AOH).
  7. All other matters pertaining to officiating.

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